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Demented Dragon
Strays, abandoned. Maud lived a sheltered life with her mother, but it wasn't enough for her. She hit the streets at 18 only to be flung head first into drug and domestic abuse. This stray wants nothing more than to never be alone.

Audri is a mysterious homeless waif, who devours cigarettes hungrily through her jigsaw smile. Homeless, with nothing more but a necklace of random keys, she lives life nonchalant. This stray wants nothing more than a warm meal.

They meet on a rainy summer night, and form a relationship that will liberate them both! Will the both of them open up, and heal old wounds, and become more than just friends?

Stray Crayons is based in Yoko Molotov's hometown of Louisville KY, a beautiful, haunting city. Stray Crayons is a Shoujo-ai or "girl love"  tale for ages 16+.

Stray Crayons Cast


Maud Harper:

Age: 19 Birthday: March 22 /Height: 5' 9" /Weight: 135lb /Bust: 40 /Waist: 30 /Hips: 36 /Favorite Food: Meat Loaf/ Drug of choice: Heroin. Favorite band: the Distillers.

Once a girl living a stable life with her mother in the Highland Suburbs of Louisville, KY she found it easy to rebel to fit in. She got kicked out of school at 17 and ran away with some friends shortly before her 18th birthday. She made her new home in Old Louisville. Very co-dependant she latched on to the first boy she met, a degenerate scrub by the name of Jimmy. She fell head first into drug addiction, and eventually was brutalized by her boyfriend. Maud wants someone to feel sorry for her, and most importantly, one to never leave her side.

Audri Jasper

Age: 16 /Birthday: August 1/ Height: 5'6"/ Weight: 110lb/ Bust: 32/ Waist: 28/ Hips 32/ Favorite food: Tacos/ Chain Smoker/ Favorite Band: the Slits

Little is known about this modern day street urchin other than her nonchalant attitude is surprising given her circumstance. She is homeless, like a autumn leaf blowing down city street with no barriers. She frequents the Louisville water front of the Ohio river, sleeping in abandoned cars,  buildings, and tunnels. She wears a necklace of lost keys. What are their purpose? She has a tear in her left ear, and a jigsaw smile. There are a lot of secrets behind that crooked smile.

Sampson Jasper

Age: 20 /Birthday: January 19th /Height 6'2"/ Weight 148lb/ Favorite food: Chinese/ Chain Smoker/ Favorite band: Operation Ivy.

Sampson is Audri's older brother. Audri often reminisces the times she shared with him, but where is he now?

Francis McMillian 

Age: 26/ Birthday: September 22nd/ Height 6'0"/ Weight: 145lbs/ Favorite food: salad/ Favorite band: the Pixies

Francis is a tattoo artist who also works at Thoroughbred Ink along with his sister, Franny. It appears he may have a crush on Maud, but disapproves of her drug habit.

Franny McMillian

Age: 22/ Birthday: June 15th/ Height: 5' 7"/ Weight: 130lbs/ Bust: 34/ Waist: 26/ Hips: 32 Favorite food: cereal  Favourite Band: the Cramps

Franny is head piercer at Thoroughbred Ink, the tattoo parlor her father founded.

Jimmy Skaggs

Age: 20/ Birthday: November 21/ Height: 6'1"/ Weight: 155lb/ Favorite Food: Steak and Eggs/ Drug of Choice: Too many to pick a favorite! Favorite Band: Black Flag

The degenerate scrub drug dealer boy friend of Maud. He was Maud's Prince Charming of her enchanted urban paradise, until he broke the mirage with his fists.

Madeline Harper

Age: 35/ Birthday: October 11th/ Height 5'5"/ Weight 128lbs/ Bust: 38/ Waist: 32/ Hips: 36 Favorite food: Fried Chicken.

Maud's mother, very understanding. Raised Maud alone after father died of cancer. Mother works at a bank.

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