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Volume One Preview
Demented Dragon
Strays, abandoned. Maud lived a sheltered life with her mother, but it wasn't enough for her. She hit the streets at 18 only to be flung head first into drug and domestic abuse. This stray wants nothing more than to never be alone.

Audri is a mysterious homeless waif, who devours cigarettes hungrily through her jigsaw smile. Homeless, with nothing more but a necklace of random keys, she lives life nonchalant. This stray wants nothing more than a warm meal.

They meet on a rainy summer night, and form a relationship that will liberate them both! Will the both of them open up, and heal old wounds, and become more than just friends?

Stray Crayons is based in Yoko Molotov's hometown of Louisville KY, a beautiful, haunting city. Stray Crayons is a Shoujo-ai or "girl love"  tale for ages 16+.

Stray Crayons FAQ

  • Q:Why doesn't this manga start at the beginning?
  • A: Stray Crayons was meant to published as a trilogy, but due to complications with my publisher, I am unable to have the rest of the manga published at this time. So I am posting the rest of the series online as a service to the fans, and to finally finish the story.
  • Q: Where can I find Volume 1 of Stray Crayons?
  • A: you can purchase the first volume here. I will not post the first volume online, so this is the only way you read the series in its entirity.
  • Q:Do you plan to have the rest of the series published?
  • A:Yes, if possible. My main concern is getting it out to the fans, and with my main web comic Beliar. If and when the rest of the volumes are published, there will be special incentives like extra chapters, pin ups etc. 
  • Q:Is this a Girl Love or Shoujo Ai manga?
  • A:Yes, but even though there is a lot of FAN SERVICE and has ecchi themes, it is NOT a HENTAI. It is rated for ages 16+.
  • Q:What's up with all the swearing, nudity, violence and drug use?
  • A: Strays is drama about two down and out teens, one homeless and the other a heroin addict. There is going to be some realism in this, and some of these themes will be used, but not in great gratuity. Again this is rated for ages 16+, so if you are not 16, don't read it.
  • Q:Hey, this comic is ugly!
  • A: Well hey, screw off! LOL No really, I did this comic 2-3 years ago, so the art is going to be a little dated. Don't bother posting any negative feedback or critisim. It's not that I don't usually appreciate constructive critisim but I am painfully aware of how this looks, and I know it's not my best work. Later pages in the volume will look better because well, I have done those more recently.

Read Volume 2 of Stray Crayons  at the link below!

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