Stray Crayons

Stray Crayons Volume 1



Necrophealia Volume 1


Her Last Pill  Panthology III - Deluxe Edition: A Book of Nightmares

n i g h t s h a d e


Nose Buried in God's Gray Pubic Hair 2012

Bossy Behavior 2013

Next Crime 2014

Weird Vein 2015

capties coming soon

One Liners coming soon


Other Published Works

90 Days with Mrs. Tom Volume 1

90 Days with Mrs. Tom Volume 2

90 Days with Mrs. Tom Volume 3

90 Days with Mrs. Tom Volume 4

90 Days with Mrs. Tom Volume 5 (unreleased)

Shit Together  John Gravatte and Yoko Molotov 2013

untitled  Douglas Lucas and Yoko Molotov 2014

SMUT 100 Filthy Drawings by Yoko Molotov

The Worst Thing I've Ever Written 2015

GIRLS 2015

Scratch Fights 2016

What It's Like To See Them 2016

Sweet Dreams 2017

Babes of Louisville 2018

planned Obsolescence 2019


Eviction Records



One Restraining Order to Go, Please!

Nope 2009

Switchblade Penis 2009



Silly Tits (Kitchen Tapes), Sweatermeat 2012

Half Tit B Sides, Sweatermeat 2012

Happy Birfday EP, Sweatermeat 2013

Live from Mutant Fest 14 EP, Sweatermeat 2014



No Rest For The Nervous EP, Harpy 2013

The Fear EP, Harpy 2013

What's Mass Murder Between Friends? EP, Harpy 2013

My Favorite Monster EP, Harpy 2013

Pot Brownies On Christmas EP, Harpy and others 2013

bird brain EP, Harpy and others 2013

Quiet Incest Room EP, Eduard Abayev and Harpy 2014

An Ode To Lil Kim EP, K8 and Harpy 2014

bad bird EP, Harpy 2014

Wolv EP, Harpy and William Ragland 2014

Sake on Christmas EP, Harpy and Friends 2014

Weird Vein EP, Harpy 2015

Kate + Harpy Forever EP, Harpy and Kate McColl 2015

Fuck Bird EP, Harpy 2015

rcknrll hrpy EP, Harpy (Coming Soon)

harpy's greatest fits EP, Harpy 2015

headache music EP, Harpy 2016

wrong songs cassette, Harpy auralgamisounds 2016

horrible noise! EP, Harpy 2016

Piano Guts Arrangement 2 EP, Harpy and Onchiota 2016

harpy's tech support EP, Harpy 2017

closed for repairs EP, Harpy 2017

time travel EP, Harpy 2018

NPA EP, Harpy 2018

Music for Paying Tolls Online EP, Harpy 2018

McHarpy's EP, Harpy 2018

she in a tree EP, Harpy and s. sharp 2019

that bitch is me EP, Harpy 2019

never ending songbook EP, Harpy 2019

second arrow EP, Harpy 2019

never ending songbook
EP, Harpy 2019


Spoopy 1 EP, 2014

Spoopy 2 (Grey Date) EP, 2014

Spoopy 3 (and then I was a mutant) EP, 2014

Spoopy 4 (My Friend Lazarus) EP, 2014

Spoopy 5 (Salsa Tales) EP, 2015

Spoopy 666  EP, 2016


Ask Your Parent's Permission 1900# Unreleased

Nice World Nice Pimp (Coming Soon

WOLV EP 2014

Hot Guts Bed Rest, EP 2015

on a thursday night Cult Cuisine EP, 2015

Hybegnu EP, Dylan Sparrow, Harpy and Various Artists 2015

Dad's Angry Again Tycoon$ of Teen, 2018

Cowabunga Lullaby


Yoko' Scream Along 2003-2005

Puppet Orgy Party 2012-2014

The Nook 2013

Strung Out In Athens  2012-2013

Gravetime 2013


Interface, Land of Tomorrow, Louisville KY 03.01.13

The Nook, Clusterflock, Land of Tomorrow, Lexington KY 05.17.13

Yoko IS Disposable Nelligan Hall, Louisville KY 5.31.14

Dmail Open Gallery, Louisville KY 1.10.15

Whiplash Girl Child Open Gallery, Louisville KY 6.6.15
What It's Like To See Them, Carnegie Center for Art and History, New Albany IN 5.21.17
Sweet Dreams, Sheherzade Gallery, Louisville KY 3.9.18
Scorpios Rising: Four Artists in Variable Mediums, Sheherzade Gallery, Louisville KY 11.9.18
Cardinal Moments, Swanson Contemporary Gallery 7.05.19
Pending Title, Surface Noise 9.13.19