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Demented Dragon
Strays, abandoned. Maud lived a sheltered life with her mother, but it wasn't enough for her. She hit the streets at 18 only to be flung head first into drug and domestic abuse. This stray wants nothing more than to never be alone.

Audri is a mysterious homeless waif, who devours cigarettes hungrily through her jigsaw smile. Homeless, with nothing more but a necklace of random keys, she lives life nonchalant. This stray wants nothing more than a warm meal.

They meet on a rainy summer night, and form a relationship that will liberate them both! Will the both of them open up, and heal old wounds, and become more than just friends?

Stray Crayons is based in Yoko Molotov's hometown of Louisville KY, a beautiful, haunting city. Stray Crayons is a Shoujo-ai or "girl love"  tale for ages 16+.

Stray Crayons

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